1/5/18 Welcome to my new website. I am excited to show my work. I aim to make products for investment as the Ancient redgum will only be rarely sourced again.

I picked up my new Stubby lathe and finally set it up at the end of January 2018. The Stubby is Australian made and one of the best bowl lathes on the market; Rod who makes them told me I could have any colour I wanted and I then tried to talk me out of my choice of Ferrari red. I have worked on drab green or grey machines most of my lifes so I wanted something a bit racier. The workshop is not finished but this will happen over time. In the meantime I have lots of power points, lights and fans so can use the lathe when I have some spare time.

You have to be patient here LOL; I am just learning about Artsphere and my site.

Smaller bowls are for sale. Just enquire. I am trying to save larger works for a body for an exhibition but always open for discussion.


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