Works    Large native hardwood platters. These range from 750 to 1050mm diameter

Unusual Redgum platter #10 Top by Malcolm Bird

Unusual Redgum platter #10 Top  2018


850mm diameter

Unusual redgum platter #10 Back by Malcolm Bird

Unusual redgum platter #10 Back  2018


850mm diameter

Ancient redgum platter #2 top by Malcolm Bird

Ancient redgum platter #2 top  2018

Australian Ancient Redgum

600mm diameter

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Ancient redgum platter #2 back by Malcolm Bird

Ancient redgum platter #2 back  2018

Fiddle back redgum platter by Malcolm Bird

Fiddle back redgum platter  2018

Fiddle back Australian redgum

750 diameter

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